Mederma® Skin Care for Accident Scars

Life is full of mishaps — from minor slips and spills to more serious accidents and injuries.

Regardless of whether your accident occurred in your car or in your backyard, you're forced to live with the consequences. And unfortunately, those uninvited scars can last long after the pain has subsided.

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  • Scar

Different cause, same result

A scar is the result of your body repairing an open wound. No matter how the injury occurs, your skin begins creating fibrous tissue to replace normal skin. The larger the skin area that's affected, the longer it will take the wound to heal and the greater the chance of a noticeable scar.

Leave your shields up

As the body is busy repairing itself, it creates a scab to shield it from the elements. Ensuring that the scab stays put is important for allowing the wound to heal. When left alone, the scab will dry up and fall off on its own. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, a scar may be left behind—and it's at this moment that treatment should begin.

Fading scars are no accident

An accident is not the kind of thing people typically want to remember, and having a scar ever present can make it difficult to forget. Like the memory of an accident, scars will never disappear completely, but Mederma® can help them appear softer and smoother, so you can take charge of your appearance and help your scar become a fading memory.