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What causes scars?

A scar is the result of your body repairing an open wound. Your body uses collagen, which is made up of tough, white protein fibers, to reconnect the broken tissue. This process takes place beneath a scab.

What's happening under a scab?

The scab's job is to protect the wound as the damaged skin heals underneath. Letting the scab stay put is important for allowing the wound to heal quickly and cleanly. When left alone, the scab will dry up and fall off. But a scar may be left behind — at which time scar treatment should begin immediately.

Guard against injury whenever you can.

Undoubtably, the best way of preventing scars is to prevent wounds. Kneepads, helmets and other gear can help keep your kids from getting injured. And you do all you can to keep them safe and secure. But when an accident or injury does lead to a scar, Mederma® can help you reduce its appearance today, so your child doesn't have to worry about it tomorrow.

Scars are part of childhood.

Younger skin makes strong repairs and tends to over-heal, sometimes resulting in larger, thicker scars. When you combine that with a child's likelihood of getting injured, odds are that your child will eventually get a scar.

The good news is that some will fade over time. For those that don't, there are treatments that can make a scar less noticeable. A good place to start is Mederma®, which does a great job of improving the texture, color and overall appearance of kids' scars.

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